Why choose Superfly?
  • Aerial shots without the need for helicopters, booms, jibs or scaffolding
  • Rapid deployment
  • Do several jobs or deploy several drones at one time
  • Lower occupational health and safety requirements
  • No requirement for leading edge or working at heights
  • Small crew (usually three)
  • Replace need for saffolding, rope-crews, jibs and booms.
  • Have the information at hand to fully plan and budget scenes and location shoots
  • Less Occupational Health & Safety issues
  • Reduce the need for photographers and workers to be placed in potentially dangerous locations
  • Fly close to subjects
  • Capture imagery at the definition you need
  • Live feed available during flight.
  • Direct communication between your DoP and our camera operator and pilot
Our Clients
Here's a few of our clients that we love working with!